Thursday, December 6, 2012

Halloween and Thanksgiving... because it's almost Christmas!

So, we survived hurricane Sandy just fine, however this year's Halloween was unbelievably cold! Brooklyn was Hermoine Granger (from the Harry Potter books), AJ was Indiana Jones, and Bradie was a princess. Most years I like to make their costumes, but this year it was just not happening. Maybe next year?

I'm not sure if should even admit how Thanksgiving went. Lets just say we're glad we didn't have any grand plans. I've been wanting to sell our dining set for a while now, and Aric reluctantly agreed. I thought 4 weeks before Thanksgiving would be plenty of time to get new things. I was wrong. All we had was chairs.
But that's not all. We also found a fantastic deal on a sofa for the basement to replace what we not-so-lovingly referred to as "Oscar the Couch". Only one problem. It didn't fit down the basement hallway. By late afternoon on Thanksgiving we had taken out all the trim and most of the drywall to the basement and finally got the $%@#! new sofa into the basement. Luckily, we love the new sofa (but it will not be coming with us if we move). So, Thanksgiving dinner was stripped down to a minimal menu (I didn't end up having time to cook anything!). And all five of us ate our turkey and mashed potatoes at our kitchen table meant for 4. Really, it was a traditional Bopp family holiday, so what can I say?!
*This dining room looks all ready for a Thanksgiving feast, right?*

*New Sofa!!!*

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Time of Year

Fall is always my favorite time of year around here. It's so beautiful and the weather is usually mild. Fall is also super busy. So, here's what we've been up to lately:
AJ is playing soccer (Aric is the coach). Their team isn't the greatest but AJ is playing well.
(He's #10)

Brooklyn's foot is healed up and she'll be going back to dance classes next week (yay!) I organized her 5th grade Fall party this year, which was a little crazy, but I love spending time up at her school. There are so many good kids there, and tons of parents who are really involved.

Brooklyn and AJ both got straight A's on their report cards last week. Well, AJ got straight 3's, but its the same thing:)

Bradie is headed for a career as an Oscar-winning actress. AJ loves to pretend to shoot her and she always falls to the ground and pretends to be hurt (and wants my sympathy!) Trust me it's funny. She has also started talking to "Other Bradie" in the mirror. After she brushes her teeth, she'll say "Bye-bye other Bradie". Bradie is way more outgoing than her brother and sister are, so it's fun to see her talking to everybody she meets. She keeps life pretty interesting!

("Mom, take a picture of me with woobie and bear!")

Last month, we met Aric's parents and Alex and Mindy at Peaks of Otter (on the Blue Ridge Parkway). It was beautiful. And it was good to see family and take a short hike.

We've also spent lots of time finishing up projects on the outside of the house, and other shennanegans. Hopefully the kids' Halloween costumes turn out well on Wednesday and we have a fun week (snow?). I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 steps forward, one step back

So this summer Bradie decided she wanted to sleep in a big girl bed. She loved it, and slept well from the start. I put railings up on the sides of her bed so she wouldn't fall out as she got used to the new bed. A couple weeks after sleeping this way, she asked me to take off the railings. I decided to give it a try. She seemed to sleep fine, so I left them off. The girl's matching beds looked so cute, I was feeling excited about getting their room decorated. Then one night a few weeks later, Brooklyn said, "Ugh, I'm so tired of putting Bradie back in her bed all night long, can't you just put her railings back up?!" I was completely astonished, since I had no idea Bradie was falling out. I'll admit it made me laugh too, thinking all was well while Brooklyn was silently helping her sister all night. So, the railings went back up (Bradie didn't mind). Their room looks like a wreck again, but I got a few good ideas from pinterest so I'm hoping to make it look cute again and work around the bright blue railings :)
(2 steps forward)

(1 step back)

(ready for the walls)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Piano Lessons

We've finally found a piano teacher for Brooklyn and AJ. Back in July, Aric found an awesome deal on an electric piano on Craig's List. Last week they had their first lesson (from a teenage girl in our ward). They are both very excited to play "real songs!" I'm hoping the excitement continues through hours of practicing :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation by Holly Bopp

I'm feeling inspired by this back-to-school time of year. Maybe I can re-cap the whole summer in one fell swoop and then get back to regular blogging.
Summer was jam-pack full of fun and traveling. AJ turned 7 right after school let out. He had the usual party with several crazy friends in the back yard.

(It was an "Indiana Jones" birthday)

Mid-June we left for our big trip. First we went to Gettysburg. AJ is really into history (ok, and the History Channel on TV) so he just loved it. It was a really great place to visit and learn about the Civil War. Next we went to Hershey Park. We were really impressed with what a big amusement park it was. It's the kid's new favorite place to go! Brooklyn and AJ made me ride a bunch of roller-coasters with them. I might have had fun if I hadn't been so worried about their safety! Next we went to Rochester, New York. We went to see the Hill Cumorah and the Joseph Smith family farm (church history sites). We also went to Niagara Falls. They were pretty impressive!

Having Slurpees with Abe

Bradie LOVED the big slide!

Next we went to Boston. We did some more touristy stuff and saw a ball game at Fenway Park. It was pretty neat since this year is the 100th Anniversary.

Hangin' out with the Green Monster

The end of June included a "derecho" where we lost power for 3 days in the extreme heat and humidity. We had to throw away everything in the fridge and freezer. NOT good! I still don't have the heart to fill up my chest freezer again.

In July we went to Cincinnati, OH and saw the Cardinals play the Reds. Cards lost, but there were good fireworks! Then we headed up to Columbus, OH. We had fun checking out the city and even visited the zoo-it was really impressive! Brooklyn turned 10 on the way home. She was a good sport about spending her birthday driving thru West Virginia (nobody enjoys that!) We celebrated when we got home.
Brooklyn and AJ had lots of swim lessons and moved up 2 levels. They also took a tennis camp. We also went camping at our usual spot (White Rocks). It had no running water this year, which was quite a bummer.

In August we did a little more traveling. The kids went up to Harrisonburg with their grandparents while Aric and I went to The Tides resort for a day. We also did lots of fishing at the VT duck pond in August. The highlight of AJ's summer was catching a snapping turtle. He's lucky he has a dad who knows how to pull them off a fishing line! It was a short summer as school started August 14th, but we packed in all the fun we could!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One last Hoorah

Over the holiday weekend we went up to Washington DC to go to the temple and to see the Nationals play the Cardinals. Friday we stopped at the new American Girl store and then went to the temple. Saturday we got some awesome tickets from a friend and watched the baseball game from the Diamond club at the Nationals Park. It was a lot of fun-and the Cardinals won! We also checked out the Museum of Natural History (AJ was hoping to see a crystal skull, but it wasn't on display- bummer!)
Hanging out with grandpa and granny
Enjoying the game (and free food and drinks!)
Our kids LOVE public transportation. Not sure why?!
Proof that Brooklyn and AJ can share!
Not that that wasn't a great weekend enough, but Aric and I also celebrated our 12th anniversary by going to see the Hokies season opener football game. He got a babysitter for the kids and passes to watch the game from the President's Box. It was really great to get out without the kiddos (and see the Hokies win!) Quite a weekend!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lost Tooth

And I mean "lost" tooth. AJ wanted his tooth out, but I refused to help him because I didn't think it was ready yet. So, he enlisted Brooklyn's help to try the old tie-it-to-the-doorknob trick. I didn't think it would work, so I let them try. Funny enough, it worked! (After 2 boxes of floss and 2 days!) Unfortunately the tooth flew out onto AJ's bedroom carpet, which is kinda light colored. And kinda thick. And kinda tall. It took nearly all of Saturday morning to find it. In the end all was well, but the tooth fairy wasn't too generous :)