Thursday, December 6, 2012

Halloween and Thanksgiving... because it's almost Christmas!

So, we survived hurricane Sandy just fine, however this year's Halloween was unbelievably cold! Brooklyn was Hermoine Granger (from the Harry Potter books), AJ was Indiana Jones, and Bradie was a princess. Most years I like to make their costumes, but this year it was just not happening. Maybe next year?

I'm not sure if should even admit how Thanksgiving went. Lets just say we're glad we didn't have any grand plans. I've been wanting to sell our dining set for a while now, and Aric reluctantly agreed. I thought 4 weeks before Thanksgiving would be plenty of time to get new things. I was wrong. All we had was chairs.
But that's not all. We also found a fantastic deal on a sofa for the basement to replace what we not-so-lovingly referred to as "Oscar the Couch". Only one problem. It didn't fit down the basement hallway. By late afternoon on Thanksgiving we had taken out all the trim and most of the drywall to the basement and finally got the $%@#! new sofa into the basement. Luckily, we love the new sofa (but it will not be coming with us if we move). So, Thanksgiving dinner was stripped down to a minimal menu (I didn't end up having time to cook anything!). And all five of us ate our turkey and mashed potatoes at our kitchen table meant for 4. Really, it was a traditional Bopp family holiday, so what can I say?!
*This dining room looks all ready for a Thanksgiving feast, right?*

*New Sofa!!!*


  1. That's funny Holly! Hey, at least you were together...isn't that what it's all about? :)

  2. Love the sofa! Was it worth it? ;)